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The retreat is booked as double occupancy.  Would you like to upgrade to single occupancy? *

If yes, we will contact you via email shortly to give you the details.  Please proceed.
If No, please proceed to answer the next few questions so we can ensure you have a great room mate.

Are you attending with a friend, family member or other that you would like to share your room with? *

Tell us about your sleep habits.  Click all that apply. *

This question is about your health.  We want to ensure you have a great trip, and knowing your pre-retreat health conditions can help us with that.  Click all that apply. *

Not to worry!  We will keep your information private.

Do you think you will require any assistance with activities? *

If you answered yes to the previous question, please provide some details. *

Do you have "WhatsApp" on your cell phone? *

If you answer No to this question, it is recommended that you add "Whatsapp" to your cell phone.  Through wifi you will be able to connect with our team if you should have any questions or are running a bit late for classes.
We will provide contact information on the first day of the retreat.
Do you have special dietary needs?
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Again, confidential of course.  We want to ensure that you have what you need for the excursions and special dinners that are planned.

Who should we contact in case of an emergency? *

Please provide name, relationship, phone number and address.
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Thank you!  We are looking forward to sharing your journey with you!
We will be in touch very soon.
See You On The Beach!
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